I love piecing together video to create an engaging, effective narrative. I’m familiar with techniques that will help your vision, audio and effects flow smoothly to keep the viewer’s attention on the story, not the editing. Every edit will be made with deliberate care to advance your narrative toward its goal. I’ll work closely with you to ensure your message gets across in the way you want.


The perfect soundtrack makes a good video into a great one. Provide your own music and sound effects, or I can help you choose from a massive collection of royalty-free tracks. I will then mix the sounds and vision to seamlessly complement each other. 


Whether you’re after perfectly balanced, crisp shots, or a bold stylistic look, I can help achieve the right one for your story. I’ll use the awesome power of light and colour to direct your viewers’ attention to where it needs to be, and make crucial elements of your story come to life. 

You will not only see and hear you story, but also feel it.




  • I am Apple-Certified in Apple’s state-of-the-art Final Cut Pro X edit suite 
  • I can work with smartphone footage, to REDCODE RAW (.r3d) files up to 5K, to anything in between
  • Equipped to handle 4K/UHD workflow
  • I can work with and animate layered Photoshop files
  • Image compositing 
  • Time-lapse compositing 
  • Motion tracking
  • Custom animated 2D and 3D titles
  • Advanced colour correction and colour grading tools
  • Audio restoration and mixing - stereo or surround
  • Video compression
  • Flexible delivery formats

I work almost exclusively online, so you can send media via a cloud service such as Dropbox (I can provide support for this), and final delivery usually will be via the same method. 

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Another great video!
— Dr. Mark Bagshaw, Co-founder The Able Movement
Thank you for your professionalism on this project.
— Peter Ford, Founder & CEO Control Bionics
Awesome job. You have a really great talent.
— Bruce Vandersee, Vanderfield Pty Ltd